Ultimate HMONG HILL TRIBE FOOD!! Green Taro Stems + Roasted Duck at Shaman’s House!!

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CHIANG RAI, THAILAND – Welcome to Lanjia Lodge (https://www.asian-oasis.com/lanjia/), in the mountains, near the Mekong River, in the remote far northern province of Chiang Rai, Thailand. Lanjia Lodge is an eco lodge that supports the local hill tribe village community – and there are two main people ground, the Lahu, and the Hmong people.

While staying at Lanjia Lodge, we arranged one day to visit the Hmong village where the Shaman and his family invited us for a huge celebration local meal. Now I’ve had Hmong food before a number of times, but this was by far the most extensive and diverse Hmong meal I’ve ever had. Hmong are known for being hard workers, their amazing farm practices, and sometimes their simple – yet fulfilling food. It’s not uncommon to have a Hmong meal that includes boiled vegetables and rice. But today was something truly special and magnificent, a Hmong celebration feast!

Just to name a few of the dishes this amazing Hmong family made – roasted duck, pounded green taro stems, an herbal mixture with chicken organs, black chicken soup, boiled black chicken, boiled pumpkin, Hmong chili dip, and Hmong rice – which is a high mountain growing variety of Hmong rice.

We also had a chance to see some of the food being prepared. I was especially fascinated by the pounded green taro stems. I’ve had green taro stems before, but usually cooked. This was my first time to eat them raw and pounded into a chili dip. It was sensational, life changing to be honest.

The entire meal was outstanding, so fresh, so natural tasting – and quickly to mention that just about every single food we ate and ingredient was from the mountain grown and raised by them. The flavors were vibrant, everything tasted so natural and real. The black chicken was slightly chewy and full of flavor, the duck was marinated and roasted. And all the natural vegetables like the pumpkin were maximum sweetness. The chili dips were outstanding.

It was a meal I will never forget, and thank you to this amazing family for their hospitality!

Another great part of this Hmong village food experience is that by staying at Lanjia Lodge and by arranging local tours like this, you are able to directly support the community through community tourism.

Huge thank you to Lanjia Lodge (https://www.asian-oasis.com/lanjia/) for arranging this. Highly recommended. The lodge is incredibly beautiful and relaxing. We loved our stay.

Thank you for watching this video!

? Lanjia Lodge: https://www.asian-oasis.com/lanjia/



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