The Best Restaurant in Hong Kong!! $200 FLOWER CRAB You Donโ€™t Want to Miss!

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HONG KONG – Today weโ€™ll be eating everything from a $6 bowl of wonton noodles to a $200 flower crab at a restaurant rated the best in Hong Kong. Itโ€™s going to be another delicious Hong Kong food tour!

Huge thank you to Virginia for helping me arrange this Hong Kong food tour. Check out her videos @hongkongfoodtours and her food tours:

Lau Sum Kee Noodle ( – You canโ€™t visit Hong Kong without eating a few bowls of shrimp wonton noodles, and this places does it well. They also make egg noodles with braised beef and shrimp powder thatโ€™s absolutely spectacular, and affordable. Price – 48 HKD ($6.14) per bowl

The Chairman Restaurant ( – Rated #4 on Asiaโ€™s 50 Best Restaurants, The Chairman is the highest rated Hong Kong restaurant serving innovative Cantonese cuisine. Chef Danny Yip focuses on extremely fresh and local ingredients. We met up with Chef Andy who showed us the kitchen and prepared us for this incredible next level Cantonese meal. The precision, quality and balance of flavor was unparalleled.
Price – 1,560 HKD ($200) per person

Wing Kee Restaurant ( – For a totally different meal we headed to Wing Kee Restaurant at the top food court of Bowrington Road market. They specialize in classic Hong Kong Cantonese food, and a quintessential Hong Kong cultural experience. Total price – 467 HKD ($59.72)

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