Street Food in Guatemala!! 🥓 CRISPIEST CHICHARRON with Jalapeños!! 🫑

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ANTIGUA GUATEMALA – We’re in the beautiful historical city of Antigua Guatemala, a city you most definitely must visit during your trip to Guatemala. Along with the architecture and history, you don’t want to miss all of the delicious food and today we’re going on a food tour to eat some of the most popular local dishes.

La Cuevita de Los Urquizú ( – This is a fantastic place to try traditional Guatemalan food, especially the stew dishes. They have a huge variety prepared at the front, and you choose what you want along with the sides.

El Comalote ( – When it comes to corn tortillas, Guatemala has some of the best in the world, and El Comalote aims to preserve heirloom Guatemalan corn varieties and make the best quality tortillas imaginable. They make all their tortillas in house and serve them with simple sides like chorizo, carne asada, and plenty of sauces and guacamol.

Chicharrones La Cindal ( – Next up on this Central American street food tour in Antigua Guatemala, we had some of the crispiest chicharron I’ve ever had in my live at Chicharrones La Cindal. They serve it with radish, and sauteed onions and jalapenos.

Street Food – Parque La Merced – Another place to get delicious Guatemalan street food is at the Parque La Merced. After trying a corn porridge dish I couldn’t resist a huge enchilada.

Santa Ana Night – Lastly we headed over to Santa Ana, adjacent to Antigua for our final few street food snacks, and specifically to eat a sandwich known as the buffalo!

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