Street Food in Bangladesh -The ULTIMATE Old Dhaka Street Food Tour – Bengali Street Food HEAVEN!

Street Food in Bangladesh is AMAZING! Check out for 3 months free w/ 1 year pack and 49% OFF! We found some of the BEST Bangladeshi Street food in Old Dhaka! Join us as we take you for the ULTIMATE Bengali street food adventure through the DEEP back alleys of Old Dhaka! Today I’m (Trevor James, The Food Ranger), bringing you for some of the BEST Street Food in Bangladesh!

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Bangladesh is a true street food heaven. We didn’t know when we flew in, but there is a LOT of delicious street food to eat in Bangladesh. In Old Dhaka, AKA Puran Dhaka, you can spend a lifetime trying new street foods around every corner. And what I loved so much from eating street food around Old Dhaka was not only the delicious mustardy flavour of the street food here, but the friendliness of the Bangladeshi people.

Everywhere we went to eat street food in Bangladesh, the peoople welcomed us with open hearts and a big smile. It left a huge impression on us and left us inspired to come back to eat more street food in Bangladesh again.

The Bengali food you will taste when you travel in Bangladesh is incredibly delicious. After tasting my first bharta in Old Dhaka, I was convinced that this is some of the best street food around the world. There truly is no other flavour like the food in Bangladesh! You have to come here to try it yourself!

To start out our HUGE Bangladesh Street Food Tour, we visited Puran dhaka AKA Old dhaka bright and early to eat some famous Dhakan Bhakor Khani, also known as the Dhakan biscuit. It’s a wheat dough and semolina flour biscuit that has 2 versions, one sweet and one plain. The sweet version has dough and semolina soaked in molasses and saffron. The dough is pushed DEEP inside the tandoor oven, the same ovens used to cook famous Bangladeshi recipes all over the country. It goes PERFECTLY with some delicious Bangladeshi street chai! There are many Bakorkhani stalls in Puran Daka (Old Dhaka), but we visited the most famous one, Nashu Faruker Shera Bakorkhani.

After that amazing Bangladeshi street food biscuit, we went for the ULTIMATE meal of Bangladeshi cuisine, the bhorta feast! We’re taking you to Nirob Hotel for some AMAZING Bhortas! When you first come to Bangladesh, everyone tells you to eat the Bhortas, and you may not be sure what they are. Bhortas are a special Bengali cuisine usually made of mashed fish or mashed vegetables with mustard oil, chili, garlic, onion, and the occasional sprinkle of lime. The bhortas are all brought to your table and you pay for what you eat, and leave what you don’t touch. I ate a SPICY duck curry that was out of this world!

After the amazing Bengali curry heaven, we made our way to the most FAMOUS street food in Old Dhaka, the haji biryani. Highly seasoned rice is cooked in mustard oil and filled with extremely tender goat meat and topped with lime! SUPER TASTY!

After this, we’re bringing you to a solid street dessert in Old Dhaka, Bangladesh, the lassi and faluda, found at beauty lassi, one of the tastiest lassis in the whole country! I personally loved the faluda and found it to be one of my favourite desserts I’ve ever had!

After the lassi, we’re taking you to try a famous Bangladeshi street food, the Pitha rice flour pancake loaded with spicy mustard bhorta. You can find these all over the streets of Old Dhaka and you should definitely try one!

After this, we’re finishing off the night by going for the famous Murgh pulao found at nanna biryani. The best part of this dish was the sweet and rich onion gravy that covered the super tender chicken and pulao rice!

If you’re thinking of traveling to Bangladesh to eat street food in Bangladesh, DO IT! The food is amazing, the people are friendly, and you will have a great time! I know we will be back for sure!

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