Soviet Russian Food Tour – $3.59 Cheapest Russian Canteen Meal!! | Saint Petersburg, Russia!

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Thank you to Sergey from Real Russia ( for taking us on this Soviet Union / Russian Food tour of Saint Petersburg, Russia. It was an amazing day. #Russia #RussianFood #SaintPetersburg

Pyshechnaya – This is one of the most legendary places to eat donuts in all of Russia. And they’ve preserved their style, recipe, and even price from the Soviet Union period. At first I thought just a couple of these Soviet donuts would be fine, but Sergey reassured me we needed a plate of them. He was right, they are easily the world’s most addictive donuts. And they only cost $0.23 per donut. Must visit when you’re in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Café Singer – House of the Books – Next since we were in the area, we went to Café Singer, a legendary cafe and restaurant. We mainly went to see the heritage and view. Food and coffee were alright, not the best.

Kvartirka – Soviet Restaurant – This was probably the best meal of the day. Kvartirka is again a Soviet / Russian restaurant set up like a house, and serving a mix of dishes popular during the Soviet Union period. I tried the borscht and the Chicken Kiev both of which were quite delicious and homely. An amazing meal and nice environment.

Stolovaya № 1 – Soviet Canteen – Finally to finish this Soviet Union food tour of Saint Petersburg, Russia, we ate at one of the cheapest meal options in the city – a Soviet style canteen. You walk through the line, choose the dishes you want, and pay for what you eat. It was a good experience, and delicious food. Total price – 229 RUB ($3.59)

Again, a huge thank you to Sergey from Real Russia ( for taking me on this food tour!



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