Pandas Playing at Chengdu Panda Reserve | Chengdu, What To Do?

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Pandas playing and eating bamboo at the Chengdu Panda reserve. CUTE! You can see cute baby pandas playing on a slide, playfighting, drinking milk, and climbing trees too. They are so cute!

When in Chengdu, you must visit the Panda Research Base. The Panda Breeding centre has over 90 pandas, red pandas, and is in a beautiful park with over 200 acres of land to explore. There are giant pandas in all life stages, from baby to adult. The pandas are fed around 08:00 in the morning, and eat mostly bamboo. The adults are fed apples and also “panda bread”, which is made of oats, rice, and vitamins. All of the pandas are cared for very well at this research facility and have a very good life!

Watching the pandas eating bamboo was actually really funny as well as cute. The pandas are so simple, incredibly lazy, and seem to be so happy with their life. They just lay around all day! Their lives are definitely better than ours! The baby pandas playing around was the most cute though, as they were play fighting, climbing trees, and some pandas even fell from the trees as they climbed, yet seemed unharmed and happy after the fall.

At present (May 2015) , holding a panda or sitting next to a panda is not possible. I believe there was an incident in the past and now they do not let you hold them anymore.

Make sure to arrive early (07:30 is when the gates open) to buy your ticket for 58 RMB ($9.60), as the pandas are sleepy after eating bamboo and the panda research base also fills up with people, lots of people, later in the day. Many people like taking a tour to the panda base, but I recommend taking a taxi early. No need to pay extra for nothing. Also, coming here after 10 or 10:30 is not worth it in my opinion.

Not only is it a research base, it’s also a museum and conservation centre. You will enjoy your time here!

To get here, tell a taxi driver “熊猫基地” “xiongmao jidi”. You can copy the characters onto a piece of paper or copy and paste the text from here and print it out onto a piece of paper and give it to your taxi driver. The fare should be around 60RMB or less from the city centre to the panda base.

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