Milkfish cutting skills, Fish skin congee, Shrimp Rice / 虱目魚切割 (阿堂鹹粥) – Taiwan street food

Amazing milkfish cutting skills!
In business for more than 40 years, the first milkfish congee restaurant in Tainan, Taiwan.

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✨Delicious street food in this Video✨
Shrimp rice / 蝦仁飯
$1.62 USD / 50 NTD

Fried fish intestines / 煎魚腸
$3.57 USD / 110 NTD

Fish skin congee / 魚皮加鹹粥
$8.43 USD / 260 NTD

***Location information***
阿堂鹹粥 (虱目魚皮粥, 鹹粥, 煎魚腸, 蝦仁飯)

Google Map:

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