Korean BBQ! (Day 3)

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On Day 3 in Seoul, we checked out Insadong, walked around Namdaemun Market, and at Korean BBQ.

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00:34 Insadong – On Day 3 of our trip to Seoul we first headed over to Insadong. For some reason it was a really cold day the day we went. There wasn’t all that much open when we arrived, but we did stop to eat a poop waffle! That was the first thing we ate for the day.

1:58 Lunch – For lunch we wandered back through the restaurants around the back alleys of Insadong, and it was a pretty hard decision to decide what to eat, but we finally settled in on a nice friendly little restaurant. They had set lunch Korean food combo menus for lunch, so I had the pork bulgogi which came with all the different Korean side dishes as well. The pork was pretty good, but overall it was a decent meal.

5:31 Namdaemun Market (남대문시장) – After lunch we headed over to Namdaemun Market (남대문시장), which is another big market area in Seoul, famous for wholesale and budget things, ranging from clothes to food to just about everything. I think it’s a great area to walk around, and it’s a good area to people watch, go shopping, or enjoy some street food snacks. After shopping at Namdaemun, I snuck away to get a little bit of work done at a cafe, and enjoyed some of the beautiful internet connections in Seoul.

7:21 Dinner Korean BBQ (예송숯불갈비) – One of the greatest meals to ever eat in Seoul is Korean BBQ. To me it’s one of the world’s great forms are BBQ. Around Seoul Station where we were staying, we just walked down and road and eventually found a restaurant serving bbq and decided to eat there for dinner. This place had their own little butchery, and you just ordered plates of meat, and then they brought them out along with all the different banchan side dishes. You then cook all the meat in front of you, and eat with lettuce, sauces, and all the beautiful garnishes. I also especially enjoyed the bbq meat within the white onions and dipping sauce. Korean BBQ in Seoul is not cheap, but it is so good!

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