Jungle Food Challenge – EXTREME BUSHMEAT in Ivory Coast, West Africa!! 馃嚚馃嚠

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Yamoussoukro, C么te d’Ivoire – Welcome to Toumodi, a town just outside of the bigger Yamoussoukro, C么te d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast). And today Germaine is taking us for an Ivorian bushmeat tour where we鈥檒l be cooking and eating some of the tastiest jungle food delicacies of West Africa!

We鈥檝e eaten our way through the beautiful West African country of C么te d’Ivoire and today we鈥檙e in the heart of the country, home to the Baole tribe. Along with a rich culture and food, they are known throughout the country for their love of bushmeat and wild meats which can include deer, rabbit, and one of the most prized meat delicacies, agouti which is a huge rodent that鈥檚 also known as a grass cutter.

First, we stopped in the town where there鈥檚 a cluster of roadside restaurants specializing in bushmeat of the day. They had rabbits and deer, and I was excited to try some of the local deer. The meat is first smoked to preserve it, then it鈥檚 cooked into a stew with lots of tomatoes and chilies to make an incredibly tasty sauce. We ate it along with pounded local yams, which is locally known as Futu.

We then headed to the jungle camp where we first had a free range grilled chicken with plantains and chili sauce. I also had my first taste of Ivorian banji, palm wine tapped directly from the sap of the oil palm tree. It鈥檚 something truly spectacular, a perfect balance of sweet and sour.

For the agouti, it was put into a traditional clay ceramic pot, with onions, tomatoes, and chilies, and simmered until tender and juicy. It was so tasty. We ate it along with yams, plantains, palm oil, and of course, more banji.

It was another incredible food experience in C么te d’Ivoire, West Africa. A huge thank you to Germaine and Mr. Pokou for arranging this incredible time. Also thank you to my friend Mo Soumahoro from Belle Co虃te d鈥橧voire (https://www.instagram.com/bellecotedivoire/) for arranging my trip and setting up everything in C么te d’Ivoire.

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