Japanese style bubble tea bagels, Ujikintoki bagels making master / 日式貝果製作達人 – Taiwanese food

Amazing bubble tea bagels making master!
3 kinds of popular Japanese style and Taiwanese style bagels making in bakery.

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✨Delicious street food in this Video✨

Bubble tea bagel / 府城波霸奶茶貝果
$2.04 USD / 60 NTD

Salted caramel mocha & walnut / 西雅圖焦糖海鹽摩卡核桃
$2.00 USD / 59 NTD

Ujikintoki cream cheese bagel / 宇治抹茶紅豆乳酪貝果
$1.97 USD / 58 NTD

***Location information***
甜蜜點 – 日式貝果專家 the Sweet Spot

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