Insane Jamaican Jerk BBQ!! HUGE MEAT PIT + Jerk Champion in Montego Bay, Jamaica! ??

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If there’s one food you think about when you think of Jamaica, it’s probably Jamaican jerk – and that’s for a pretty good reason – it’s one of the greatest dishes of Jamaica and something they should be proud of. When you’re in Jamaica, you must taste the real deal – and we had a chance to visit one of the best places to eat Jerk pork, and on the same day, Andrew – a Jamaican jerk competition champion, cooked us an entire jerk pig! #JamaicanFood #Jerk #Caribbean

Huge thank you to Pineapple Beach ( for hosting us, to Andrew for cooking an amazing jerk pig, and Matt ( for arranging everything!

Tastee Patty – Jamaican Patties – But before getting started with Jamaican jerk, we first had some Jamaican patties, my first taste. They were incredibly tasty, better than I had imagined. I can see how they are so addictive and popular.

Fresh market in Montego Bay – Next we headed to the fresh market in Montego Bay to buy some of the main ingredients to make an entire jerk pig. One of the spices you can’t make jerk without is allspice, known in Jamaica as pimento.

Pineapple Beach – Montego Bay, Jamaica – Here’s where Andrew cooked up his amazing jerk pig. Started with lots of allspice, do a dry rub, and then moving on to the wet marinade that included scotch bonnet, thyme, pimento and a host of other ingredients and spices. The jerk pig turned out outstanding, so much flavor, and full of spice. It was a real treat. Thank you Andrew!

The Pork Pit – Montego Bay, Jamaica – One of the best places to eat Jamaican jerk bbq in all of Jamaica is The Pork Pit, located in Montego Bay. The spices and they way they smoke the meat is just next level. While the whole jerk pig was cooking, we slipped over to the Port Pit for a massive Jamaican food jerk bbq feast of jerk pork and jerk chicken with their stunning scotch bonnet sauce.

It was another incredible day of delicious Jamaican food in Jamaica. Watch the entire Jamaican food series here:

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