How to make Texas style BBQ? (Beef Brisket & Pulled Pork) / 美式德州燒烤 – Taiwan street food

Original Texas style barbecue making!
The master make delicious beef brisket sandwich and pulled pork taco!

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✨Delicious street food in this video✨
Pastrami on ray (Large) / 煙燻鹽牛肉三明治 (大)
$12.78 USD / 380 NTD

Pork quesadilla / 手撕豬肉夾餅
$4.37 USD / 130 NTD

Beef brisket / 煙燻牛胸肉
$6.73 USD / 200 NTD

***Location information***
SMOKIN’ BBQ 德州燒烤在嘉義

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