Giant Bluefin Tuna Cutting! Luxurious Sashimi Platter & Honeycomb Tuna / 巨大黑鮪魚切割, 金三角拼盤, 蜂巢黑鮪魚

Honeycomb tuna & luxurious sashimi platter!
In May and June every year, the skilled fish cutters in Donggang, Taiwan, use their exceptional techniques to turn bluefin tuna into delicious dishes.
The luxurious sashimi platter is as popular as A5 Wagyu beef, and this seafood restaurant also develops various special dishes with bluefin tuna.
The unique honeycomb bluefin tuna in the video is a must-try!🤤

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✨Delicious street food in this Video✨
Chu-toro (Back meat) / 黑鮪魚皮油
$3.90 USD / 120 NTD

Chu-toro (Tuna lower belly) / 黑鮪魚下腹肉
$5.69 USD / 175 NTD

Chu-toro (Medium-fatty belly) / 黑鮪魚中腹肉
$7.48 USD / 230 NTD

O-toro (Fatty belly) / 黑鮪魚上腹肉
$9.43 USD / 290 NTD

Kama-toro (Extra-fatty belly) / 黑鮪魚金三角
$11.70 USD / 360 NTD

Bluefin tuna eye socket meat / 黑鮪魚眼窩肉
$Current price / 時價

Mango bluefin tuna salad / 柑橘黑鮪魚芒果沙拉
$39.00 USD / 1200 NTD

Honeycomb shape fried tuna / 蜂巢黑鮪魚
$39.00 USD / 1200 NTD

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