Fried Lobster Jacuzzi ? JAMAICAN FOOD ?? Beach Party at Hellshire Beach, Jamaica!

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Another beautiful day in Jamaica – and this was a day of fun, beauty and unforgettable lobsters and seafood in Jamaica. We began the day in Port Antonio, Jamaica. We then drove all the way through the gorgeous Blue Mountains, in search of coffee, and on our way to Kingston. We met up with Matt and Matt and had an amazing Jamaican seafood feast at Hellshire Beach. #Jamaica #JamaicanFood #streetfood

Blue Mountains – One of the things we really wanted to do in Jamaica is at least see and experience the world famous Blue Mountains. So we drove on the less traveled road through an amazing Blue Mountain pass. The beauty was spectacular, and though we tried to stop at a few places, but most things were closed. So anyway, we made it across to the other side and had coffee at Café Blue in Irish Town. Blue Mountain Coffee – 500 JMD ($3.62).

After arriving to Kingston, we dropped off our car and met back up with Matt Robinson: who then drove to Hellshire Beach – not forgetting some ackee and saltfish and Amanda’s Mother made – it was perfect!

Screechies Seafood and Bar – Hellshire Beach is a popular Beach destination in Jamaica, near to Kingston. It’s known for beach parties, water sports, and lots of fried seafood. It’s just an amazing happy Jamaican food place, and if you love seafood, it’s a place you’ve got to visit. We headed to Screechies Seafood and Bar, a restaurant off the main strip of restaurants wich a small private beach and known for their seafood. They made a huge fried lobster jacuzzi, and both escovitch fish and Jamaican steamed fish. The seafood meal and party was incredible – surrounded by great food and great people! Total price – 29,500 JMD ($213.85) for everything, 8 people I think.

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