Food Tour in Fez, Morocco!! HUGE CHICKEN MOUNTAIN + Best Street Food in Fez!

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FEZ, MOROCCO – Welcome to the incredible city of Fez (Fes), Morocco – and one of the most fascinating and delicious food cities in all of Morocco. Today weโ€™re eating everything from a homestyle breakfast to Moroccan street food to a huge dinner fit for a Sultan.

A huge thank you to Moroccan Food Tour ( for arranging my trip to Morocco!

Breakfast at Riad Jardin Chrifa – We started with an excellent local, homestyle breakfast, in a Fez courtyard at Riad Jardin Chrifa. I canโ€™t get enough preserved beef and eggs, without a doubt one of the best breakfast you can eat in Morocco.

Fez street food tour – After breakfast we set out to explore the narrow streets of Fez. Again, itโ€™s an absolutely fascinating city, with history and delicious food. To navigate the tiny lanes we had the help of Fatima, from Moroccan Food Tour. We tried some local medicinal honey, cactus fruit, but by far my favorite – a legendary stall in the old lanes serving steamed beef and steamed chicken with vermicelli. That stall alone is worth visiting Fez for!

Riad Dar Chrifa ( – For dinner, and actually this is the place where we spent the night, our host family prepared one of the most elaborate Moroccan feasts Iโ€™ve ever experiences. We started with the classic Moroccan salads, before moving on to a giant chicken and egg nest platter with four chicken and with a sauce that melted in your mouth. Next we had a lamb shank platter with nuts and fruits that was spectacular. One thing Iโ€™ve learned in Morocco is that food is delicious, but nothing compares to home cooked meals.

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