Finally in Makassar!! BEEF RIBS MOUNTAIN + Most Famous Food in Makassar, Indonesia!

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MAKASSAR, INDONESIA – Welcome to Makassar, on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. This is a city Iโ€™ve always wanted to visit because they are famous around Indonesia for their beef rbis and varieties of meaty soup. Letโ€™s go try them out!

First of all, I tried Makassar food a few times many years ago in Jakarta, and from that moment I knew I wanted to go to the source to visit Makassar one day. So finally the time has come, letโ€™s see what the food in Makassar is all about!

Konro Karebosi ( – Thereโ€™s no restaurant and dish more famous in Sulawesi than Konro Karebosi, for their beef ribs cooked 2 ways. They grill them with sauce and peanut sauce (konro bakar) and they serve them with soup (sop konro). When I was in Jakarta I tried it out many years ago, but it was so cool to be at the source, at the original location in Makassar.

RM Ranggong Coto Makassar ( – Another dish thats famous around Indonesia, thatโ€™s from Makassar is a beef soup with organs called Coto Makassar. I met up with my friend Ficky – Kuliner Jajanan Makassar ( to try it out!

Pallubasa Serigala ( – I was expecting to love the grilled beef ribs of Makassar, but what came as a total shock and surprise, was Pallubasa, another Makassar beef soup made with dried fried coconut. Itโ€™s one of my new favorite meat soups on earth.

Sop Saudara Irian ( – Makassar doesnโ€™t joke around when it comes to meat soups. And there yet another variation that you need to try when youโ€™re in Makassar; Sop Saudara. To me this was more nutty and thicker than the other versions, containing peanuts and even noodles in their recipe.

Makassar is one of the greatest food cities in Indonesia, and especially if you love meat, you will love Makassar!

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