Best Indonesian Food – FRIED DUCK and SAMBAL at Bebek Goreng H. Slamet in Jakarta!

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When it comes to deep fried duck, which in Indonesian is called bebek goreng, Bebek Goreng H. Slamet is one of the most famous restaurants in Jakarta. They have a number of locations around Jakarta, and I went to the location that was closest to where I was staying ( in South Jakarta.

At Bebek Goreng H. Slamet, you have a few different choices of deep fried duck (bebek goreng). If you’re feeling really hungry you could order an entire fried duck, or you can just buy deep fried duck by the piece, and you have a choice of either the dark meat thigh or the breast. Since I couldn’t make up my mind which one to choose I decided to get both of them, and I ordered the complete full plate set that included the deep fried duck plus rice, a plate of green herbs and vegetables, and last but not least an incredibly delicious sambal chili sauce.

The bebek goreng arrived to my table, and it was definitely pretty small, but it made up for its size by being packed with incredible flavor. I’m not sure exactly how the duck was prepared, but I’m guessing it was covered in a thin layer of flour or something like that before being deep-fried. It didn’t have a real batter feel to it, but at the same time it did have an extra incredibly crispy skin and golden layer around the outside. And along with the deep fried bebek goreng, what was really mind blowing about my meal at Bebek Goreng H. Slamet, was the sambal chili sauce. It was an oil-based sambal, and it was just packed with red chilies and garlic. The chili sauce went so well together with the deep fried duck, rice, and then eating each bite with a fresh piece of lemon basil, was outstanding.

The bebek goreng at Bebek Goreng H. Slamet is undoubtedly very greasy, and it will leave you feeling like you just used to lip gloss, but there is no denying that the food is incredibly tasty.

Bebek Goreng H. Slamet
Address: Jalan Radio Dalam Raya No. 15, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, Indonesia
(this is the branch I ate at, but there are many branches around Jakarta if you do a quick search)
Open hours: 10 am – 10 pm
Prices: Prices: 28,000 IDR ($2.11) per set per set


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