American Food!! EXOTIC FRUIT SHAKES + Gator Kebabs! ? EVERGLADES – Florida, USA!

? Miami Food Tour – Part 1:
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Hope you’re having an amazing day! During our quick trip to Miami (Jan 2020), we took a day trip to the Everglades, a huge wetlands area and one of the most amazing day trip destinations from Miami. Along with visiting the alligator farm, I enjoyed the variety of tropical fruit shakes, and especially eating alligator kebabs and frog legs! #Everglades #Florida #foodtour

Robert Is Here – Homestead, Florida – On our way to the Alligator farm, we stopped at Robert Is Here, known for their huge selection of tropical fruit – and it is amazing. We ordered smoothies of Black Sapote, Canistel – Egg fruit, and Passion, Orange, Mango. All were delicious and fantastic, no sugar or additives, just the pure fruit.

Everglades Alligator Farm – Homestead, Florida – Next, our destination was the Everglades Alligator Farm, a great place to get an introduction to the Everglades wetlands, and to see wildlife in the wild. It was awesome to ride airboat – and yes they are even more fun than in the movies.

Everglades Gator Grill – Homestead, Florida – Finally, we headed to Everglades Gator Grill to eat some alligator, including alligator kebabs and a gator basket. We also tried their massive frog legs, which were delicious.
Total price – $82.75

Thanks again to David Hoffman ( for taking us around his hometown of Miami.

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