Amazing handmade chocolate making collection – Korean street food / 놀라운 수제 초콜릿 만들기 모음 BEST 5

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ℹ️ Information
1. Making real cacao handmade chocolate & cacao tea – Korean street food, Dessert 00:00
This is “Cacao Family” in Jeju Island, Korea.
A Korean cacao family who has lived in Guatemala has learned the traditional methods of Maya in Guatemala to make cacao chocolate.
This is a millstone from a grandmother who makes chocolate in the traditional way in Maya, Guatemala.

📌 Location
Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, Gujwa-eup, Gujwa-ro 60 KR
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2. Amazing handmade pastel chocolate making process by the chocolate master – Korean street food, Dessert 10:39

This is a pretty handmade chocolate made by a Korean chocolate master. It took 6 hours to complete the chocolate, and the chocolate was very sweet and soft.

💰 Price
Various prices

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3. Making amazing bomb chocolate cake – Korean street food, dessert 33:53
It is a dessert cafe run by a very famous chef in Korea. They sell drinks and a variety of desserts.

💰 Price
USD 7.3$

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4.Full of fruit in chocolate! Making handmade fresh fruit chocolate bar – Korean street food – Korean street food, dessert 52:17
Homemade chocolate filled with dried fruits.

💰 Price
USD 3.5$ ~

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5. Korean chocolate master’s handmade salami chocolate making – Korean street food, Dessert
It is a giant chocolate in the shape of salami. It is run by Korea’s first chocolatier.

💰 Price
white salami chocolate usd 10$
milk salami chocolate usd 12$

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