$2 to $440 Gourmet Food in Sichuan – 9 places in Chengdu

A visit to a number of restaurants in Chengdu, all are present in the Michelin Guide China.
How to use this Food Guide video:
– The reviews are based on a preference for “medium spicy”, the flavorful spiciness in Sichuan doesn’t reach at any point the heavy spiciness of dishes in Thailand
– Take a screenshot of the address to show it to the taxi driver, all places are in Central Chengdu, the taxi ride will not cost much more than 5 USD / 30 RMB, if you stay in Central Chengdu
– You might as well take a screenshot of the dishes of the restaurant you plan to visit in order to show the screenshot to the waiter in the restaurant, some restaurants have a menu with pictures which makes it easy to order
– Youtube, Google Maps and Express VPN will not work in China, so take the screenshots before you enter China, Apple Maps functions as by now
– Many of these restaurants don’t necessarily require a reservation, except the last restaurant in this video, since some of their dishes require all long preparation time

0:01 Ganji Fei Chang Fen – 2 USD (17 RMB) – Bib Gourmand
3:18 Mosnack (Mo Xiao Guan) – 2 USD (18 RMB) – Bib Gourmand
4:37 Yongle – 15 USD (110 RMB) – Bib Gourmand
6:15 China Samite (Jin Cheng Hotpot) 35 USD (249 RMB) – Michelin Selected
8:31 Fu Rong Huang 50 USD (364 RMB) – One Star Michelin
10:58 Ma’s Kitchen 74 USD (533 RMB) – One Star Michelin
14:33 Yong Ya He Xian 161 USD (1160 RMB) – One Star Michelin
15:51 Chaiman Hui 229 USD (1656 RMB) – One Star Michelin
18:54 Fang Xiang Jing 446 USD (3216 RMB) – One Star Michelin

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