$100 South Indian Food – GIANT 19 ITEMS THALI | Chettinad (Tamil Nadu) Crab Curry!

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BANGKOK, THAILAND – Welcome to Sri Ananda Bhawan, one of the best South Indian food restaurants in Bangkok that specializes in food from Chettinad in Tamil Nadu, South India. Today, we’re going to eat the giant 3,000 THB (around $100) banana leaf thali, that includes 19 different dishes! #IndianFood #Bangkok #Thailand

Chettinad is within the Tamil Nadu state of South India. The food is characterized by lots of chili powder, pepper, and curry leaves. When I heard about the massive 19 item thali, there was no way I could resist. Thanks to Sri Ananda Bhawan and Mr. Rachan, for allowing me to see inside the kitchen as the talented Chef’s prepared all 19 dishes. One of their most well known dishes is the Chettinad crab curry. Onions, tomatoes, garlic, curry leaves, chili powder, pepper, coriander, all tempered down, loaded with crab, Chettinad masala, and coconut milk. The result was something truly spectacular, a combination of spices and ingredients that any curry lover will fall in love with.

Along with the Chettinad crab curry there was chicken 65, fish 65, prawn 65, about three other prawn dishes, 2 mutton dishes, fish masala, tandoori fish, a variety of veg dishes, chicken curries, sambar, and rasam. All laid out on a banana leaf with rice, it was truly a special meal!

I would also mention that although I ordered the massive 19 item thali, which you have to actually pre-order (and I would highly recommend). You can additionally just walk in, and they have many other more simple thalis that you can order – including vegetarian, or just order single dishes. Amazing South Indian food, and specifically one of the only Chettinad restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand.

? Sri Ananda Bhawan Restaurant, Bangkok: https://g.page/srianandabhawanbkk?share

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