$1.49 Morocco Fast Food – SANDWICH KING!! ๐Ÿฅ™ Marrakesh Street Food Tour!

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MARRAKESH, MOROCCO – Welcome to the thrilling city of Marrakesh, Morocco – and a Moroccan street food paradise. Today weโ€™re eating our way through the old town – weโ€™ll taste some of the most famous street foods and some things we find along the way. Itโ€™s going to be an exciting day of Moroccan street food in Marrakesh!

A huge thank you to Moroccan Food Tour (https://moroccanfoodtour.com/) for arranging my trip to Morocco!

Breakfast – We started with breakfast donuts – known as sfenj – the dough is made into a ring by hand and deep fried. I especially loved the ones that are flattened and then filled with an egg on the inside. Next we had bisarra – Moroccan fava bean soup, which was delicious.

Zaazaa – Next up we stopped in a fruit shop and had a deluxe avocado milkshake with all sorts of toppings.

Chez Omar Sandwich Mixte – One of the highlights was Chez Omar Sandwich Mixte who makes classic Moroccan fast food sandwiches made with a mix of meats and onions and coriander all sizzled in oil on a hot plate. Itโ€™s a Moroccan street food you have to eat when youโ€™re in Marrakesh. And it costs just 15 MAD ($1.49 USD)!

Continuing with this street food tour, we had some refreshing pomegranate juice, Loubia – Moroccan stewed white beans, and did some olives tasting.

Chez Lamine – Nothing is more famous in Marrakesh than Chez Lamine for their Mechoui – Moroccan pit roasted lamb. Itโ€™s quite a scene with all the lambs roasting in an underground oven.

Restaurant Tiznit – Full of lamb we headed to the next restaurant to try a Rabbit Tagine – Rabbit and raisins slow cooked in a clay pan, and another must eat dish in Marrakesh; Beef Tangia – Beef and spices slow cooked in clay vase.

Finally we finished this Moroccan food tour with a bowl of special local yoghurt.

Thank you again to all my friends from Moroccan Food Tour (https://moroccanfoodtour.com/) who made this day possible.

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